23.-24.07.2011 – munich's international bikepolo tournament

Teams registered so far are:

Tough Shit (James, Lo, Til)
Toros (Eddy, Schustar, Synthese-Mo)
Munich Allstars (Marcus, Michi, Roland)
Poloholica (Angie, Anja, Katrin)
Gladiators (Chris, Moritz, TBA)
Cucarachas (Matthias, Matthieu, Matze)
Eisprinzessin (TBA,TBA, TBA)
Catania (Mauro, Frederico, Tobi)
3P (Daniel, David, Nils)
Bambule (Danny, Jessy, Nico)
Delta Connection (Daniel, TBA, TBA)
Shotguns (Anna, Johanna, Daniel)
Monkey Punch (Flo, Max, TBA)
Clowns (Hannes, Steffen, TBA)
Polo d´Oro (Oli, Recep, Thomas)
Polonauten (Stefan, TBA, TBA)
Wheels of Fortune (Andi, Bernd, Saade)
Vienna Allstars (Mateen, TBA, TBA)
Pink Ladies (Mattia, Punch, Willy)
The Rat Pack (Florian, Malte, Ronny)
Die Kraken (Ralph, Thomas, Tim)
Chain Doe (Hannes, Steffen, TBA)
Polo Prospects (Raul, TBA, TBA)
La poloma loca (Chris, Josef, Jürgen, Nils)

We have a waiting list, too, and we consider raising the number of available spots, depending on how many more teams register. So PLEASE register if you want to come, we´ll find a way to let you play!

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