23.-24.07.2011 – munich's international bikepolo tournament


Please join the official thread on league of bike polo here. If the page appears broken or the access is denied, please try again using the Internet Explorer. Sorry, we don’t know why this happens but we are working on it! Update: Looks like everything is working again. Thanks, Kev!


Here it is, the awesome Polocatepetl Flyer, made by our friend Robbie, thanks to you!  


The Munich polo crew is happy to invite you to our polo tournament Polocatepetl! The tournament will take place in the course of the Bike Expo. We´ll have two courts located in the so-called “action hall”. We´ll have pick-ups on Thursday and Friday, the actual tournament will be on Saturday and Sunday. If needed, we [...]

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More pictures of Polocatepetl, player portraits

Please download the playerportraits from this site: www.philpham.de Thank you very much, Phil!


Pictures of Polocatepetl

The pictures of the awesomest Munich tournament are online. We have more than 450 pictures of the first day on Saturday and decided not to sort some out but to give you the chance to download them all, as four parts or altogether as one big  file. All files are ziped. Sunday and portrait pictures [...]