23.-24.07.2011 – munich's international bikepolo tournament

admin On Juli - 5 - 2011

Things are coming along. Here are some new and exciting info about the tournament:

For entering the BIKE EXPO you´ll get ticket codes about a week prior to your arrival with a how-to so you can print your own tickets for the fair. Once you´re in, your team will be given vouchers for the food court.

We´ll also provide beer, water and soft-drinks for the players. We´ll have two indoor tournament courts. But as we all can´t get enough of polo, we´ve organised an outdoor court at the venue, which can be used as a pick-up court by daytime, and – more importantly- which has lights, so we can pull a polo all-nighter after the fair closes its doors. There will be a BBQ and a decent supply of beer, all to fair prizes and brought to you by the Bikepolo München community. PLUS: No need to worry about how to get home late at night. Just crawl into your tent next to the outdoor-court after taking a shower and brushing your teeth in the on-site sanitary facilities. Sleep like a baby and then walk to the court in your your pyjama the next morning to watch the early games. Hell yeah! Please inform Schustar via andreas.schuster[at]hotmail.de if you fancy the camping solution or if you (still) prefer private housing. If you want to camp, bring your own tent or vehicle.

And now, just for a short moment, close your eyes and imagine the EHBPC 2012 in Monaco di Bavaria: Five indoor courts, never-ending supply of beer and other healthy beverages, an outdoor court for late-night polo, on-site camping, …, POLO FESTIVAL!!! Don´t miss the opportunity to get a foretaste of what the Euros could be like next year and come to Polocatepetl!

Only 18 days left…

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